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Pro-Fit Padded Knee Sleeve - Navy (Knee)

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(Sold as a Pair) These navy blue knee sleeves are designed with individual BONEZ pad placement for maximum pad coverage, flexibility, and comfort. We then independently and completely adhere each pad separately which results in reduced pad separation during performance. Unlike many sleeves on the market, including the hex and circle pad designs, our pads are not just glued to the top and bottom of spandex fibers, as this results in wide separation of the pads during athletic activity, leading to more potential injury. Our blue compression knee pads are also produced from a reinforced 250GSM Pro-fit Dri-Wick material which is over 20% thicker than the standard arm sleeve. The garment provides moisture wicking performance keeping you dry and comfortable both indoors and outdoors. Provides a warming effect during cool weather conditions and keeps you cool during high heat conditions. The navy blue knee sleeves come in both youth sizes, as well as adult sizes and can be worn by men, women, boys, girls, kids. The sleeves are great for basketball, football, volleyball, lacrosse, and other activities where padded protection is desired. Add these blue compression knee pads to your bag today!

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