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Flaked Camo Blue Grey

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Flake Camo Series
A simple camo design, with the moisture-wicking technology to sustain optimal body temperature whether its Summer or Winter. The vibes stripe pattern is a great compliment to many sports outfits.

-Sleeves stretch to fit a large array of body types and lessens muscle recovery time
-Reduced soreness, inflammation, and lactic acid buildup to speed up your recovery time
-Perfect for daily use for pain relief and improved blood flow

-Offers a protection extra layer to prevent cuts, scrapes, and turf burns; it even has SPF 35 UV protection
-The sleeveÕs fabric is dependable yet flexible; conforming to your body to improve circulation
-Made of 220 GSM Lycra fabric thatÕs built for repetitive performance

-Want a different design? With over 10 designs to choose from B-Driven sports has the pattern to fit your sense of fashion and match your team
-Want to represent your nations? The patriot series and country flag sleeve motifs are what you need
-Dedicated to your faith? Our faith series let you bear your cross with style

Product Benefits

Optimized Blood Circulation

Leads to increased muscle oxygenation, reduced lactic acid buildup, reduced swelling and aids in faster recovery.

Muscle Vibration Protection

Compression provides protection against micro tears and bruising which can reduce performance.

Reduced Pain

1,000's of our customers wear our products everyday as a pain reliever for many medical ailments such as arthritis, tennis elbow, and general soreness.

Protects Against Exterior Elements

Help protect against turf burns, skin rash and keep dirt out of existing scrapes and wounds.

Protections against the sun

SPF Ratings can vary from 50+ to 20+ depending on how tight or loose you wear your sleeve.

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