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Solid Light Pink

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Solid Pink Compression Arm Sleeve
A solid colored pink athletic sleeve. Extremely popular in a wide variety of sports: from football and baseball, to bowling and golf. Match your team or style with 20 colors to choose from. This pink compression arm sleeve is designed for casual daily use and strenuous competitive use.

-Improves circulation, endurance, and recovery time
-Reduces soreness, inflammation, and muscle pain
-Protects against turf burn, scrapes, and UV rays (SPF 35)

-Fabric wicks away moisture to keep cool in the heat and insulates to stay warm in the cold
-Sleeve is lightweight but densely woven to provide all day protection and utility
-Tough material withstands long periods of intense activity and repetitive use over time

-Over 20 solid colors to choose from. Available in adult and youth sizes for both genders
-Want something flashier? Check out our patriot pride, faith, country flags, or tribal styles
-Representing a cause? Try our solid pink or our autism awareness puzzle pattern sleeves

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