Padded Knee Sleeves

(Sold as a Pair) Designed with individual BONEZ pad placement, designed for maximum pad coverage, flexibility, and comfort.  Reinforced 250GSM Pro-fit Dri-Wick Material which is over 20% thicker than the standard arm sleeve. 

Product Benefits

Padded Impact Protection

Our closed cell pads provide added protection against falls, hits, and impact caused during competitive activity

Muscle Vibration Protection

Compression provides protection against micro tears and bruising, caused from M.V. during activity resulting in soreness, injury and reduced performance.

Protection Against Sun

SPF ratings can vary from 50+ to 20+ depending on how tight or loose you wear your sleeve.

Protects Against the Elements

Help protect against turf burns, skin rash and keeping dirt out of the existing scrapes and wounds.

Optimized Blood Circulation

Leads to increased muscle oxygenation, reduced lactic acid buildup, reduced swelling, and aids in faster recovery.

Padded Knee Video

Watch our tutorial video to learn how to use and care for your sleeves!

Sizing Chart

If your sleeve doesn't us for an exchange or refund.

Put On

Your Compression Sleeve


Your Compression Sleeve

Product Care/Cleaning

The biggest recommendation is to make sure you do not store your sleeves in an enclosed area after use, as prolonged moisture will lead to fabric decay and eventually shorten the longevity of the product. Air dry or wash after each use.

We Guarantee You'll Love It!

We are so sure that you're going to love our products...that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!