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Patriot Retro

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Patriot Pride series
Wear your national pride on your sleeveÑliterally. With the B-Driven patriot series, you can sport AmericaÕs stars and stripes from sea to shining sea. Increase your performance and speed up your recovery with this comfortable but durable compression sleeve.

-Reinforces your body by reducing risk of micro-tears, muscle fatigue, and soreness
-Secure faster recovery times, neutral body temperature, and fight lactic acid buildup
-Protect your skin against turf burn, cuts, and UV rays (SPF 35)

-Long-lasting high-quality polyester fiber built for athletes of all levels
-Perfect for daily use for pain relief and improved blood flow
-adaptable fiber wicks away moisture and insulates for heat and cold

-Like the flag, but not the design? There are over 7 patriot designs
-Want a military edge? Check out our camo, flake, or digital designs
-Looking for something simpler? B-Driven offers over 20 solid color options

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