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Grand Slam Grey

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Grand Slam Series
An excellent choice for baseball enthusiasts and athletes no matter the sport. This athletic compression sleeve offers the same benefits that our other sleeves do, but with a simple pattern to show off your subtle sense of style.

-Improves circulation, endurance, and recovery time
-Reduces soreness, inflammation, and muscle pain
-Protects against turf burn, scrapes, and UV rays (SPF 35)

- Sleeve is lightweight but densely woven to provide all day protection and utility for all sports
- Fabric keeps you cool in the heat and provides insulation for warmth in the cold
- Tough material withstands long periods of intense activity and repetitive use over time

- Want something flashier? Check out our Patriot Pride, Cross, Country Flags, or Tribal styles
-Want something more intense? Try our revolution matrix, diamondback, or shattered styles
-Want to support breast cancer? Our solid pink sleeves are a better alternative than buying new jerseys for the occasion

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